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ROAR CLOTHING is a brand of Pret-à-Porter Afromodern that offers stylish and ... Read more

ROAR CLOTHING is a brand of Pret-à-Porter Afromodern that offers stylish and trendy creations with fabrics produced in Africa.

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  • Tailored and custom made
June 15, 2022
No avatar thumb stefaniesolape Sl
on Loose dress KONFÂM

🥰By far my favourite purchase here on Afrikrea. My only issue is that you gave me a black and white outfit instead of the purple and beige/white as seen on the photo.

June 14, 2022
No avatar thumb sophieblaise Fr
on FIFAME dress...

January 06, 2022
No avatar thumb borisfotso79 Us
on IRÉ set

Il ne réponds plus a mes messages après m'avoir envoyé un vêtements que je n'ai pas commander,ooh les africains///He no longer responds to my messages after sending me clothes that I did not order, ooh Africans

November 10, 2021
8zytzqr6 thumb clubkyso Gh
on Agbazagan KONFÂM

I love the shirt, keep me posted when there are other styles in a similar cut

November 09, 2021
No avatar thumb koikyblue Us
on Tunic "Chun li"

September 30, 2021
No avatar thumb alexgwms Us
on einsenberg

It was just “alright.” The quality could have been better.

August 16, 2021
No avatar thumb cindymauvois972 Mq
on Tunic "Chun li"...

Very pretty!

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August 07, 2021
No avatar thumb halima2diallo Us
on Tunic "Chun li"

Yes, I received my order in the promised timeframe. I love my dress!!! The fit is perfect and the color is rich and bold. Good workmanship as well. I am very pleased with my purchase. Look forward to purchasing more items from Afrikrea.

July 11, 2021
No avatar thumb gwladiator526 Us
on AFRICA PRINT set...

June 24, 2021
No avatar thumb afrikpassion Be

June 11, 2021
No avatar thumb dibassi Fr

June 11, 2021
No avatar thumb adoriane2001 Ca
on The BARBARA dress

Fast shipping, great seller and well packaged !! The seller is listening to you. Honestly I would have put more stars if I could. Made to measure, he checked with me if the measurements were taken. Excellent communication also concerning the different stages where they were made in the design of my dress. Received in 5 days as expected. Nothing to complain about except that I recommend 1000%. The quality of the fabrics is perfect. I'll post a photo when I wear it to the event I bought it for. Thank you very much ROAR CLOTHING !!!

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June 02, 2021
No avatar thumb ywj-nambo Fr
on "ISMAEL" suit

Alas, a little short ... but very beautiful. Thank you !

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May 28, 2021
No avatar thumb smith-brittanypatrice Us
on Racine trousers

Shipper was very helpful and accommodating and patient. I am very happy with the pants and cannot wish to buy more.

May 22, 2021
No avatar thumb adjadallil Mx
on The KK dress and SAFARI women's...

I sent my personalized measurements, but the dress came too reduced and the shirt too big :(

January 16, 2021
No avatar thumb benedettimarc5 Re
on SAFARI shirts (men)

August 18, 2020
No avatar thumb africl-africl-africl Jp
on 2-tone dress and KONFÂM Jumpsuit...

Thank you for your quick response!
All clothes are cool
I can't wait to go out with them!

August 12, 2020
No avatar thumb sarah-houenouvi Fr
on SAFARI pants (women)

July 06, 2020
No avatar thumb bkuekena-m Fr
on einsenberg

July 03, 2020
No avatar thumb dkhiii Us
on einsenberg

Received my items and am very pleased. Generously portioned so I could have ordered a smaller size but I love it nonetheless.

June 28, 2020
No avatar thumb mr-finsac Fr
on Einsenberg 2.0

Very satisfied 😉👍

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June 18, 2020
No avatar thumb olutchi Fr

June 05, 2020
No avatar thumb somemarion Ca
on einsenberg

I received my package, very well packed elsewhere; very consistent with the image model. I am really delighted ☺️ See you soon for sure

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May 22, 2020
No avatar thumb movement-be7 Fr
on AFRICA print... and Einsenberg 2.0

thank you !!!

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July 12, 2019
No avatar thumb gnaye972-1 Mq
on Top KONFÂM (Women's) and Konfâm Oval Dress